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founder-2-ceo coaching

This is my signature package. It offers you the highest level of support and accountability.

I'm here to help you answer these questions:

As a leader it is natural to take things on by yourself. It is equally important to prioritise skilled, reflective practice for the benefit of your people

& your business.

  • vision = what do I want?

  • values = what do I bring with me?

  • perception = how do others see me

  • awareness & insight = what could be getting in the way? 

  • milestones = how will I decide what needs to be done? 

  • measurement = how will I hold myself accountable?

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2 hr face2face clarity conversation

6-8 x 70 minute coaching conversations

6-9 months

suggested reading, auto-scripting & essential frameworks

email support & reflection throughout

regular phone support

60 mins impact assessment & action plan for the next 6 months



This offers you the freedom to accelerate or press pause when it suits you.

Frameworks include:

You are a true one-off. 

You prefer to design your own coaching journey and the level of support you want.

  • authentic leadership

  • your workplace EQ

  • growth mindset

  • stress management

  • imposter syndrome

  • strength-finder profile

  • peak performance

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