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How does coaching differ from counselling or mentoring?

​Coaching is a person-centred, confidential conversation that leads to clarity, insight and action. Coaching clarifies your goals, brings insight through questions and reflection and lets you determine which outcomes you want.

Coaching is not focused on the past and is not about giving expert advice.


 Where does the real value lie?

Coaching and working with a thinking partner is internationally recognised as a critical part of personal and professional development.

An excellent coach works fearlessly in service of your change and your goals.

Coaching is not about a transaction, it’s about a transformation. 

A skilled coach will have completed a recognised, accredited qualification with logged coaching hours. They will be committed to supervision and be credentialed with a Coaching Body such as ICF or AOC.

Coaching produces measurable, positive outcomes (ICF Global Coaching Client Study independently conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers) 

80% improvement in self-confidence 

72% improvement in communication skills

67% improvement in work & life balance


How long will the contract last?

Each client is unique. Most contracts last 6 to 9 months. For those who want the freedom to accelerate with additional support a bespoke package or a monthly retainer is best.

For those who want transformative change in a short space of time, the shift escapes intensives over 1- 3 days are ideal.


what is my investment?

Coaching requires time, financial investment and personal commitment. 

I know there are other things that give us that quick, dopamine hit and “feel-good-factor” (shopping, a cheeky Nandos, beating Australia at any sport, a glass of great red wine) 

Coaching is not a luxury - the investment you make will change your life if you engage with it openly and fearlessly.


confidentiality & contracts

All conversations are confidential. I agree contracts with all my clients. 

If I take notes I will need your signed consent so I can store them safely for GDPR. 

Detailed information about contracts, notes and recordings is available on request. 

I always agree terms up front and take payment in advance via online payment or BACS.

Thanks! Message sent.

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