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career coaching

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authentic leadership

Leaders at all levels have to juggle task focus with people management. Recognising command-and-control leadership is one thing; finding your own leadership style is much more challenging. We will explore how emotionally intelligent leadership develops: taking off the mask, auditing your leadership style, embodying integrity, building rapport & embracing feedback. 

career change and transition

A job that does not fit does not mean that you are doomed. Major transition and stepping up to take on greater responsibility requires courage and insight. My transition toolkit walks you through the five phases of career change: discomfort, waiting, choice, letting go & recalibration. Change begins when taking action outstrips the fear of making a mistake.

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confident communication

Positive, clear and confident communication starts from within. Without healthy workplace communication, people tend to fill in the gaps which leads to misunderstanding. I am here to help you: consistently articulate your core values; pitch with pride in any situation; build trust through adult-to-adult transactions; learn the art of story-telling & highlight your expertise, knowledge and experience. 

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productivity and performance

It is crucial that you are equipped to manage your business performance skilfully. SMART goals and the steps needed to achieve them allow you to be organised and ambitious at the same time. My leader's toolkit and accountability measures support you to: clarify your goals; maximise your productivity; define meaningful OKRs and KPIs & measure what matters. 

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