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cathie jeannot - coach. business mentor

Insight. Clarity. Transformation.

about you


  • Are open to change - not giving lip service to it.

  • Work collaboratively.

  • Are not afraid of the truth.

  • Know that working with a partner beats doing it on your own.

  • Are ready to clarify your core values and shift your thinking.

  • Recognise that coaching is not a luxury.

  • Know that staying where you are now is not an option.

  • You value clarity, connection, integrity, freedom, insight and accomplishment.

  • You prefer being a bit of a salmon (swimming against the tide does it for you)

you are willing to explore these 3 questions:

Who am I?

What do I really value?

How does that impact everything?

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about me


I am hard-wired for clarity and transparency. When you grow up in a culture that creates a complex narrative to obscure the lies - you search for truth. Honesty increases expectations and encourages fearlessness. 


I love reframing stories that insist, “things have always been this way, they will never change.” While I was being raised, Nelson Mandela was being subjected to trial and imprisonment.  A powerful ‘bias-for-change’ was set in my DNA early on. I grew to value truth, character and transformation in equal measure.


I am a compassionate truth-teller, listener, change-agent. My career as an educator led to a fulfilling role as an academic principal, but the political climate propelled me into grass-roots politics, where I focused on restoring voter engagement for South Africa’s first democratic election. 


I moved to the UK in 2000. (Spoiler alert - speaking English does not shield you from culture shock) I know what it means to start again - to examine your identity, your values and your purpose.


Enjoying a career crossing nations, cultures and industries has fine-tuned my skills as a catalyst and a disrupter. I now thrive as a coach, mentor and thinking partner with founders, leaders and other fearless adventurers.


5 reasons why we'll be a great match






You actively lean towards purpose, my insight will help you see the bigger picture.

You know that being heard really matters, my skill is in asking the right questions.

You welcome the idea that boats need to be rocked, that’s great because agreeing with you for the sake of it is not my style.

You are not looking for overnight success, my coaching draws on a range of psychologically-grounded coaching frameworks and tools including cognitive behaviour coaching, core values, NLP, transactional analysis and growth mindset.

You will do something with the change we create. If you say you are going to do something, I will check in to see how you followed through, because that’s how change flourishes. 


working together



a confidential conversation that clarifies what matters most and leads to measurable and meaningful change = clarity, insight, commitment to change.


For work. For money. For life.


a strategic approach that supports you in examining what is working, what is not and helps you scale, grow and take things to the next level = leadership, communication, influence and team engagement.

Educational + Leadership Mentoring:

I have extensive experience in the educational sector and know that a culture of coaching is modelled in all outstanding schools. My 1-2-1 and 1- group coaching and mentoring embeds the practices of self-awareness and self-belief and will establish a powerful platform for leaders, teachers and support staff.


For schools. For leaders. For education.

Peer Group Circles:

working in a facilitated group of your industry peers = accountability, giving and receiving feedback, developing emotional intelligence, collaborating on strategy and solutions.


Circles are perfect for 2 - 10 participants.



your life

your money

your work

your escape

let's talk

E: cathie@cathiejeannot.com

M: 07850 574 538

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