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cathie jeannot - coach. mentor. facilitator

identity. influence. impact.

about you

The world in which you work is facing unprecedented external and internal changes. You want to accelerate while delivering on both “human intelligence” and task excellence. You need to navigate rapid change, uncertainty and ambiguity while staying grounded and you want your values to be what moves you in the right direction. You realise that great leaders commit to leadership growth and self-reflection.

Working with a coach is the best way to help you:

  • Achieve meaningful goals, milestones and deadlines

  • Identify your strengths and unexplored capacity

  • Overcome weaknesses and blindspots

  • Clarify your mission, vision and strategic plan

  • Develop an authentic leadership style

  • Expand your relationship and communications skills

  • Step back and reflect to gain new perspectives

  • Grow your emotional intelligence and well-being

  • Unlock your innate resourcefulness and resilience

  • Influence and motivate your entire team with integrity


you are willing to explore these 3 questions:

Which identity is driving my business ?

How can I grow as a leader ?

What impact can I make ?

About you

about me

I am hard-wired for clarity and transparency. When you grow up in a culture that creates a complex narrative to obscure the lies – you search for truth.  


While I was being raised, Nelson Mandela was being subjected to trial and imprisonment. A powerful ‘bias-for-change’ was set in my DNA early on. I love working with leaders who are ready to reframe those stories that insist, "things have always been this way, they will never change.” I value truth, character and transformation in equal measure.


I am a truth-teller, listener, and change-agent; the political climate of my upbringing propelled me into grass-roots politics, where I focused on voter empowerment and engagement for South Africa's first democratic election. 


Enjoying a career crossing nations, cultures and industries has fine-tuned my skills as a catalyst and solution-seeker. I work as a coach, mentor and thinking partner with founders, leaders and other fearless adventurers.


My coaching mindset enables me to:

  • support founders and business owners in developing their capacity to lead and build teams

  • help leaders avoid potentially fatal mistakes – both personal and professional

  • create vital space for reflection so that my clients work in full alignment with their core values


About me

founder coaching

I thrive working with CEOs, COOs, founders and managers as they maximise integrity and capacity, align the C-suite and develop high-performance teams that keep pace with the growth of the business.


Typically my clients have reached a critical phase and want to grow their venture to the next level.


They recognise that there is a lack of leadership skill or emotional capacity in the leadership team.


Clients contact me because they will have noticed there are recurring issues, some personality clashes or even stakeholder disengagement, which left unattended will impact on performance, motivation and customer satisfaction.


They may even be at the tipping point and feel a sense of overwhelm or burnout.


working together


A conversation where active listening creates the space that allows you to maximises your professional & personal potential. Come prepared to explore and talk. A lot.


Contracts normally last between 3 - 6 months. Coaching requires time, financial investment and personal commitment.


Exploring deeper questions helps you to develop awareness, insight and imagine new actions. This builds the capacity to lead and manage brilliantly. Cathie Jeannot, along with selected associate coaches, will help co-create the ideal series for you to unlock your personal potential, your team’s performance and your company’s maximum growth.


We offer 1-2-1 coaching, group or team coaching and facilitated workshops.


A skilled coach will have completed a recognised, accredited qualification with logged coaching hours. They will be committed to supervision and be credentialed with a Coaching Body such as ICF, EMCC or AOC.

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M: +33 7850 574 538

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